Your cheaters guide to making our cocktail Zacapa Old Fashioned…Enjoy!


Your home from home cocktail masterclass.
You make the cocktail, post it on your social media, tag us #‎BHDrinksInspo – and enjoy the same cocktail ON US to compare it to yours. Aren’t we generous!
Tip of the day: Take your time, the longer you stir – the better the taste!

  1. Grab a short & wide glass
  2. Lay a paper napkin over the glass
  3. Place 1 brown sugar cube on the middle of the napkin
  4. Add 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters to the sugar cube
  5. Drop the cube into the glass
  6. 3 cherries
  7. 2 slices of orange peals
  8. Muddle
  9. Ice cubes
  10. 25ml Zacapa (Premium Rum)
  11. Stir 20 seconds
  12. 25m Zacapa (Premium Rum)
  13. More ice
  14. Stir 20 more seconds
  15. Garnish with 1 more twisted orange peal

Serve and enjoy!