Coffee and chocsWorkBeaufort Burger
Some great reasons why it might be great to try it for one or two days every month…..
So let’s start with the basics – Beaufort House has free Wi-Fi throughout and we also have newspapers and magazines when you want to take a bit of a break.  We have fabulous coffee, beautiful breakfast, luscious lunch, and at the end of the day our cocktails are sublime and our wine list is second to none.
Now onto some other more interesting reasons that you may not have thought of yet…
A change of environment stimulates creativity. Even in the most animating offices we can fall into a routine, and a routine is the enemy of creativity. Changing your environment, even just for a day, brings new types of input and stimulation, which in turn stimulates creativity, originality and inspiration.
Fewer distractions. It sounds counter-intuitive, but working from Beaufort House could be less distracting than working from a quiet office. Being surrounded by a great team and officemates means being interrupted for “quick” chats, a bit of gossip and yes, even work questions. Being interrupted kills productivity. The anonymous environment at Beaufort House means no-one will interrupt you! Unlike working at home, with the ever-present black hole of solitude and procrastination, Beaufort House can provide the opportunity of human interaction, on your terms.
Community and meeting new people. Meeting new people can help with you develop new ideas, a different perspective at existing problems, or an interesting connection to a new person doing something awesome that inspires you. Lots of amazing people walk through the doors of Beaufort House each day. You could meet a yoga teacher whose class you want to go to, a publicist who offered to help with a project, or a wine consultant who could recommended some great new wines, who knows you might meet tomorrow!
To make the best out of your working day at Beaufort House just keep a few things in mind:
Placement. Don’t sit near the door or close to the bar, if you can avoid it. Temperature differences and high traffic don’t help you to focus.
Power up. Come with your laptop or tablet fully charged. You might now be sat near a power socket and we don’t want you running out of juice before your work is done, but when you do, fear not, it’ll force you to take a much needed break and work with focus because as we all know you will run out of power eventually!
Come on, work at Beaufort House this week… You know it makes sense!