Sip into Autumn with a seasonal Favorite.

Ahh, Autumn. The season of cosy nights, early sunsets and delicious cocktails. So, what does one drink as we slide into the colder months? We ask our in-house expert for his seasonal favorite. Roberto, head of cocktails, recommends a classic that combines all the flavors you could wish to sink into on an Autumn evening. Though, to be honest this is one we love all year round.

Read on to discover all the things you didn’t know about the Moscow Mule from its history, how to make a good one and easy twists to make it perfect for fall. Our Autumn classic is one you definitely want to add to your cocktail list, here’s to enjoying raising a glass (or two) this season.

What is a Moscow Mule?

Simple, refreshing and ‘mmm’ now that’s delicious, a moscow mule is an oldie but a goodie. The cocktail is essentially made from three ingredients- Vodka, ginger beer and lime. It is traditionally served in a copper mug, though here at Beaufort we do prefer a tall glass. The drink was inspired way back in 1941 in an attempt to kick off the now well known Vodka brand, Smirnoff ice. The owner John Martin and a local bar owner who had stashes of ginger beer to sell put their heads together, add a bit of lime and well – the rest is history.

Ingredient list

2 ounces vodka

3 ounces ginger beer

½ ounce freshly squeezed lime


How do you make the perfect Moscow Mule?

Apparently, not all moscow mules are made equal. There are some inside secrets on how to give it the ‘wow’ factor. Our cocktail expert recommends choosing a high quality vodka, this gives it a smooth finish that will make every sip divine. Which is exactly how a cocktail should be, right?

Getting the exact balance of lime, ginger beer and vodka takes experience and serious skills – luckily our exceptional bar staff have both. Playing around with the level of ginger and lime can give it a sweeter or spicier finish, so don’t be shy- let us know exactly how you like it.

Why is the Moscow Mule an Autumn favorite?

Spicy, sweet and simple the moscow mule harnesses all the essentials for an Autumn cocktail. The ginger beer provides the warm comfort you long for in a post work drink on a cold night, while the vodka and lime makes it refreshing enough to carry on drinking. There are ways that you can add an Autumnal twist to the classic, our bar staff are always experimenting with new flavor and ideas. Roberto suggests “adding apple cider or even apple juice can add a nice sweetness for those who prefer a cocktail more on the sweet side” Sounds delightful. The addition of fresh ginger can up the spice factor for those that prefer a bit of a kick. However you like it, the Moscow Mule is one cocktail that’s hard not to fall for this season.

What is a moscow mule best paired with?

Fancy a bite with your cocktails? The moscow mule pairs well with light dishes like fresh salads and seafood. From our salmon tartare to pan fried salmon filet, our delicious menu provides a delicious array of options to choose from.

Rather not make it yourself? Why not hop yourself up on one of our comfy bar stools, and let our expert cocktail team whip you up the perfect Moscow Mule. What better way to toast in the beauty of Autumn?


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