Meet our Events Team – Joseph Gardner

This week meet our fabulous Event Co-ordinator Joseph Gardner…
Joseph Gardner

How long have you been working at Beaufort House Chelsea?
Beaufort House and I recently celebrated our first anniversary. We’ve never been happier!

What is your favourite thing about working at Beaufort House Chelsea?
Definitely working with the various BHC teams – from the kitchen, to the floor team, house DJs and security – we have some great personalities and an incredibly broad range of talent. Most importantly it’s great to know that you have a strong network that you can rely on when it counts.

What is your favourite BHC cocktail?
Without a doubt, the Pink Margarita. It’s pink and fruity but at the end of a busy week it gets the job done like no other.

What is your favourite canapé?
Don’t make me choose! It’s a close call between the Smoked Chicken with Lime, Mango, Coriander Cress and Sesame Dressing or the Mini Fish & Chips. The first is light with some complex flavour combinations, whilst the second is a crowd-pleasing British classic served in a cute miniature chip cone. Perhaps I ought to try them again now and see if I’m any closer to a decision…

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced working in your role as an Event Co-ordinator?
Besides choosing a favourite canapĂ©… probably getting to know the venue inside out. We’re based in an iconic Edwardian building with some fantastic, versatile spaces – but learning (and on occasion discovering) the infinite room arrangements and limits has turned out to be quite a challenge.

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