So brunch…. Is it breakfast? Is it lunch? – No, the truth be told it’s both of those and so much more!
With the August Bank Holiday weekend rapidly approaching, what better time to indulge in a fantastic brunch at the best brunch venue in Chelsea!
So, why do we all love brunch so much?
Well, first of all, it may be down to the booze! If you’re into daytime drinking, then brunch is the ideal meal for you. We think we can all agree that is perfectly acceptable, in fact we would go as far to say mandatory, to have a Bloody Mary, Mimosa or glass of Champagne to wash down your delectable brunch dishes!
brunch in London
Brunch is an a incredibly efficient meal as you are combining two meals into one. This means you can have a relaxing, lingering meal and still probably take less time than if you were having breakfast and lunch separately – nice! It is also fair to say that you can never be late for brunch as it takes place pretty much any time after you fall out of bed, the morning after the night before! There is no set time to enjoy a laid-back brunch, so sleep-in until 9, 10, 11, or even 2pm – brunch will wait. In fact Beaufort House’s ground floor brasserie welcomes you to enjoy the best brunch in London until 4pm daily!
love brunchThen we can move on to the food itself. There is so much variety and choice present at brunch. Here at Beaufort House Chelsea you can choose from Crêpes, Omelettes, Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Burgers or Steaks, the list is endless – you don’t get that sort of choice with breakfast!
love your brunchIt’s also an amazing meal for vegetarians. You don’t need sausage, duck or chorizo for a good brunch. There are so many delicious meat-free options from Smashed Avocado on Sourdough or Rye to Grilled Halloumi with Courgette, Red Onion & Red Pepper and Eggs, lots of Eggs, cooked any which way you choose!
brunch in chelseaBrunch is such relaxed meal to dine out for. You can simply dress as you like, no matter how posh the venue, we would go as far to say that it’s perfectly acceptable to turn up in last night’s clothes. It’s almost expected, especially if you are here to have closure on the night before! Yes, you know what you did last night; in fact, we probably know what you did last night. Let’s be honest – everyone in Chelsea knows what you did last night!
And brunch at The House is the perfect meal to talk it all over!