The best 30th Birthday Party Venue in London!
A thirtieth birthday party is now widely recognised as one of the biggest milestones in a young person’s life, up there with 18ths, 21sts, graduating, first-time house buys and babies! It’s a time to celebrate the end of your raucous, party-filled twenties. An occasion to welcome a new age of maturity and managing to make it home without going via the golden arches! It’s when most people mature and want something stylish rather than flamboyant, it’s about finesse and elegance and Beaufort House is here to help.

At Beaufort House we want to assist you to say a big hello to your dirty thirties in style at the perfect party venue in the heart of Chelsea.

Choosing a theme for the 30th birthday may be one of your biggest challenges and your theme will be dependent on your taste and personality.

Suggested 30th birthday party themes:

  • The End of My Roaring 20s
  • Dirty Thirty
  • 80s Or 90s Flashback
  • Great Gatsby
  • Trip Down Memory Lane
  • Vintage

Keep your decorations tasteful, not tacky, being subtle is always a good idea and less is generally more, and these days it is good if you can try and source them from eco-friendly and sustainable brands.  Make the most of candles, candelabras, flowers and foliage.  Large tissue paper pom-poms, colourful streamers, and ribbons are also a great alternative to helium balloons.

Food & Drink
You really need to think about what kind of food & drink you want to offer your guests well in advance. We have an extensive cocktail menu at Beaufort House, and we can create a bespoke cocktail in line with your theme, and have a fabulous wine list to choose from.  For a 30th birthday party we highly recommend “stand up” receptions with food from our canapés and bowl food menus which allows people to drink and mingle, and then perhaps offer a ‘survivors breakfast‘, around midnight with late night bites e.g. bacon sandwiches, pizzas, fish & chips etc. Guests love to think you’ve taken the time to consider how hungry they’ll be later on in the night.  Asking guests to notify you of their dietary requirements is also incredibly important, with guests having so many allergies and food preferences.  The easiest way to gather this information is to include it as part of the invitation process.

Choose early on whether you book a DJ or if you are on a tighter budget you can also make your own Spotify playlist with all your favourite tunes.  We have a number of fantastic DJ’s that we work with here at Beaufort House, and they can work with you ensure the music is right for your party. You should know your crowd and guest list so first make a list of songs/genre’s you hate, then add songs that you know your guests won’t dance to and then give this to your DJ along with an clear idea of what you do like.  Our DJ’s can read the crowd and change up the music when needed.

Dress Code
Finding the perfect party outfit is not easy but when it comes to hosting a party, you should stand out from the crowd, whether it’s in sequins and sparkles, or a certain coloured outfit and costume.  Once you have set the dress code for your guests, you know what they’ll be wearing so come in something unique that really stands out, maybe employ the services of a personal shopper to help dress you for this oh so special occasion. 

No one ever has a clear idea of who, and how many, people to invite to their party.  This may seem a tad harsh but a great idea is to start off by making two guest lists, an A-list for guests that you definitely want to invite and a B-list for guests to invite as backup.  Once you know your A-list then send out your Save-The-Dates 8-months to a year in advance and your invitations between 3-4 months prior. The power of the digital age has meant that the speed of delivery and receiving an RSVP is almost instantaneous while still conveying the theme, dress code and key information in a picture or digital file.

Party favours
The most important thing to consider when it comes to giving guests party favour is for the gift to make sense.  A party favour has to have a real meaning to you and something your guests can relate to. Before spending money on party favours, ask yourself: “Will this mean something to my guests?”If not, spend the money elsewhere.’

Finally ENJOY it – it’s your 30th Birthday Party after-all!