Here’s a round up of the rules and top tips for a top game

We all love a board game and Backgammon is a Beaufort favorite. It requires the perfect blend of luck and skill, and where better to enjoy a round or two than in our Chelsea brasserie? We have everything you need for the perfect game night from the boards, spacious tables and delicious wines, cocktails and menus to keep you on your A game. Whether you are new to backgammon or a seasoned expert, here’s a recap of the rules and a few tips to keep you one move ahead.

New to backgammon?

Backgammon is a two person game that has been around since way back from the 3000’s – yep, seems that even the ancient Romans enjoyed a game. It is played by two persons with a board and dice. The board is split into four sections marked with narrow edges in two alternating colors. A vertical line divides the board in half, forming the inner and outer tables. There are 15 black and white pieces (chequers) which are moved around the board as dictated by the dice – we told you there was luck involved. The home board is the quarter close to you, which is where you will be aiming to move your checkers towards as quickly as possible.

The purpose of the game is to remove all of your chequers from the board.

The rules of backgammon

Your chequers will be arranged on the board as follows;

Two checkers on the 24 point

Five checkers on the 13 point

Three checkers on the 8 point

Five checkers on the 6 point

  • You make your first move by both players rolling the dice, the one with the highest number gets to go first.
  • You move your chequers towards you, getting closer to the home board – the quarter of the board closest to you. They can only be moved to a point or a lower number and be occupied by no more than one of your opponent’s checkers.
  • If a double is rolled, the number on the dice is used twice and players must use all numbers if possible. If one can be used, the highest number must be chosen.
  • If there are no open points corresponding to the dice roll, the player loses a point.
  • When all of a player’s chequers have reached the home board, they can start ‘bearing off’ by removing them from the board with every roll of the dice. For example if a two is rolled, a chequer can be moved from point two. If there are no chequers on the rolled point, one can be removed from a higher point. When a player ‘bears off’ all fifteen of their chequers- it’s time to order the champagne – we have a winner!

Top tips for a top game

  1. Be patient – Do not be in a rush to race ahead, take time to think about your moves and the long term goal.
  2. Avoid making stacks.
  3. Send back opponents chequers when you can.
  4. Make the ‘golden point’, this is your own 5 – point, the 20 – point is the ‘golden anchor’ which if you have makes it tricky for your opponent to build an effective game against these checkers.
  5. Try and keep an even amount of chequers on your highest points – this makes it easier when bearing off.
  6. Never give up – one roll of the dice can change everything.

The rules of backgammon can be hard to get your head around, though the best players are made on the board. As the old adage goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. Join us for our next backgammon night and start your journey, we’re hosting our next night on Friday 29th January. Bring your partner and we’ll provide the drinks, food and fun.

Tickets for two games are £10 and the winner wins a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

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