Chilled rosé wine has always been a popular tipple on a hot summer’s day here at The House, but an even cooler version of the pink drink is taking over! Frozen rosé, or frosé, is made by freezing rosé wine with lemon juice and sugar.
The resulting concoction combines the sophisticated taste of rosé and the texture of children’s Slush Puppy drinks, meaniFrozen Roséng it also invokes feelings of nostalgia bringing back childhood memories.
Frozen Rosé
Here at Beaufort House Chelsea, frosé has now become one of our bestselling drinks after adding it to our menu earlier this month.  Hannah Cary, Events Manager said that while the drink provided a sense of nostalgia for some drinkers who remember slurping on brightly coloured fruit slushies as children, it also had a universal appeal.

She said: “We have had all ages of people come in to ask for a glass of frosé, we have been absolutely inundated with requests and some people do get quite nostalgic about it. When one person sees another customer order a glass of it in the bar, they also want to have one. It’s the same effect as if somebody sees another person with a flaming shot – they’re immediately curious and want to try it.”
 Frosé originated at Bar Primi in New York, where the general manager Justin Sievers wanted to create a new drink that was suitable for long hot afternoons, using rosé wine. He said: “Somebody said something like, ‘Man, it’s rosé season, what should we do?’ “And I was like, what if we just dump a bunch of rosé into the [slushie] machine and see if it freezes. So we did.”

Come and join us at Beaufort House Chelsea this summer and try it for yourself. Perfect for a girls night out, partying with friends, or just relaxing in the afternoon sun!