Welcome to Beaufort House Chelsea

Beaufort House Chelsea’s home-from-home atmosphere is everything you could possibly want from the best cocktail bar, private members club and restaurant in Kensington and Chelsea. Spread across four floors, each bar has its own atmosphere to suit your mood. There’s our beautiful brasserie, stunning champagne penthouse, our members’ bar and restaurant, and our club room that can be used for private dining, training sessions, screenings, presentations, & meetings.

Our award-winning brasserie in Chelsea is open during the day and our fabulous ground-floor cocktail bar mixes some of the best cocktails in town in the evening – both are open to all.

Beaufort House Chelsea is at its best when hosting weddings and events – the house is the ideal place to celebrate. Beaufort House’s hosts, Simon and Louis, will guarantee your big day by providing the personalised service only a premier private-members’ club can bring.

Whether you’re working or playing, we’ll do all we can to make sure all your needs are catered for. But above all, we want you to relax and soak in the house’s friendly and stylish atmosphere.

Make it - Share it - Compare it

Salmon Tartare

Your home from home masterchef.

  1. 25g Cucumber - Finely Sliced
  2. Pinch of Ginger
  3. 60g Salmon
  4. 1 Tea Spoon Soy
  5. 3 Drops Sesame Oil
  6. 1 Table Spoon Mayo
  7. Wasabi to your liking
  8. Music Bread

Serve and enjoy!

Beaufort House is a ‘Home Away From Home’, this makes all of our customers part of our family, and we believe that with family, sharing is caring.

So, we are willing to share our secrets with you and in return give you a complimentary cocktail or meal - You’re welcome!

Its simple…


make a meal or cocktail using our video recipe


Share the meal or cocktail (image or video) on social media and tag Beaufort House


Show us what you shared and win the same meal or cocktail on The House!

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